Clarinet concerto in A major

Moments like these we will not remember,

will not be photographed

or documented in anyway.

The radio in there tuned to WNYC,

intermingling with the music in this room.

“Has so far agreed only to release the redacted version…”

“Ba-dum, ba-dum, ba-dum, dum, dum, dum…”

In dish gloves and with a fork in your hand,

you say to the big cat:

“There is no more. You ate all of it.”

I read somewhere that Mozart

was humming the timpani from the Requiem

when he took his last breath.

I wonder what he was doing

when he composed other melodies.

Perhaps the singsong of a peddler

through his open window,

mixing with the sound of his wife

telling their youngest son:

“There is no more, You ate all of it.”

And M. without his camera.



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