String Cheese Incident

This article:

Lowville Had Lots of Water…

My comment:

“We are not so naive as to think that a large corporation such as Kraft-Heinz can cease production of one of its core products overnight, but it’s fair to assume that a world in which we are forced to ask ourselves whether we want string cheese for all or water for all is approaching. Israel recycles almost 90 percent of its water to be reused for agricultural purposes. Perhaps Kraft can find room in next year’s budget for an R&D project that would explore whether a water recycling system would be possible at its Lowville facility. This in turn might inspire local and state governments to consider whether such a system would work for communities at large.

“Perhaps the state of New York could explore subsidizing such research and development at Kraft. It is often asserted in the pages of this newspaper that industry will spur green technology innovation, not government. Let’s get the ball rolling!”


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