Operation pigeon rescue

I liberated another pigeon from our factory space. Or was it the same one? Perhaps it was the same one and it was looking for its mate. I think I read somewhere that pigeons mate for life.

Still, if a pigeon can’t find its mate, does it forget its family and just join another flock? A few years ago, my partner and I found a pigeon with a hurt wing at the coffee shop I was managing at the time. We put her in a cardboard box with a small bowl of water and a saucer full of birdseed and left her in my car overnight. The next day, I drove the bird to a place in Manhattan called The Wild Bird Fund, which rehabilitates injured birds and then releases them back into the wild.

The bird doctor at this place confirmed that our bird friend, whom we had named Dylan, had an injured wing. He said they would splint the wing and turn it loose in the park when the she was healed. Maybe this bird that I rescued from our dank warehouse was Dylan.

I wonder what I would do if I got separated from my flock in some big, unknown place. People are facing this frightening scenario all over the world right now.

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