Seed Diversity

Good morning. This message is for the Brian Lehrer show. Just wanted to write in support of a segment about the lack of seed diversity in the era of climate change, which came up briefly during yesterday’s discussion about food security.

I first bumped into this emerging issue at, a site I found after hearing about it on last week’s climate change segment.

The book Seeds of Resistance would be great source material for the show.

Thank you for your time.


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Letter to Senator Manchin

Thank you for your support and contribution to the Inflation Reduction Act. I understand that the incentives for oil and gas players were necessary. My question for you to ask them is as follows: what are your plans for the future?

The big mistake many newspapers made after the advent of the internet was not investing enough in the new technology. Why? Because they misunderstood what business they were actually in. They thought they were in the printed newspaper delivery business when they were actually in the information delivery business.

Your donors in oil and gas are no different now. Please remind them that they are actually in the energy delivery business.

Thanks again for your service to the country.


Senator Lindsey Graham

Good morning, Senator Graham. I read your comments in The Times’ recent article about climate change. I think it’s important to note that innovation in renewables, agriculture, etc. will happen with or without government intervention. That said, it’s always better when business and government work in conjunction on projects of scale. To be sure, it’s not easier but it’s better. 

In addition, the world is ready to collaborate on efforts to combat climate change. For example, the French–I know, I know, the French–have devised an agricultural-based plan to mitigate warming that in my opinion as a humble observer is the most promising solution to date. The solution is in the soil, and you will be proud to know that this plan draws heavily on the work of our very own Thomas Jefferson. Please watch the documentary Kiss the Ground on Netflix to learn more. 

Putting global warming to one side, we may very well have less than sixty years of food harvests left here on Earth if we don’t take better care of our topsoil. I don’t know much about global warming either, but I do know that people need to eat. 

That’s all for now. Thank you for your time and your ongoing service to the country. 


Russ and Daughters

Hello Russ and Daughters. My family and I love your wonderful deli and visit the Navy Yards location often. 

I was hoping you would consider using more sustainable packaging for your delicious food. A disproportionate amount of plastic ends up in our oceans and rivers. Sustainable packaging is an important step toward getting out in front of this disastrous issue. Healthy, fresh fish are the engine of your venerable organization after all.

I know packaging is expensive, especially right now. But I know I would be happy to pay any additional costs associated with an upgrade in packaging.

Just some food for thought. Keep up the good work. 


The Brian Lehrer Show on WNYC

Just wanted to reach out to say how much I appreciate your weekly climate change segment. Have you considered dedicating time to discussing specific ways for listeners to get involved and tackle whatever particular issue is being introduced? A sort of directions-for-use component to the segment. Climate change is one of those topics that leaves people wondering what they can do. A little targeted guidance might go a long way. 

Just a thought from a longtime listener.


WNYC’s “All of It”

Kudos on last week’s touching segment about Korean cooking. I was hoping I could encourage your show to do a segment about vegan cooking and cookbooks. Such a segment would be a great conduit for introducing the joys of meatless and dairy-free cuisine to a receptive New York audience. 

Just some (vegan) food for thought.